Saturday, November 10, 2007

getting there from here, round 2

While it's inevitable that agriculture will eventually incorporate robotics to some degree, what form that takes is a wide open question, one that, left to itself, would eventually find an answer driven almost entirely by the near term financial interests of the most powerful players, a.k.a. agribusiness.

Without a transformational vision, more than parsimonious transformation is unlikely to result.

I aim to provide such a vision, and to help connect and empower those who find themselves enlivened by it.

This vision is about fusing ecological reasoning into every aspect of the technology employed to conduct land management, specifically including the management of land engaged in agricultural production.

That creating such a technology is possible is beyond reasonable doubt, but whether the resources to do so will be brought to bear in a timely manner, and whether that technology will find a clear path to widespread adoption, are far less certain.

It may require that we demand it into existence.

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