Saturday, December 02, 2006

balancing a blog and a group

As already mentioned elsewhere, until recently I'd been something of an online recluse, confining my nonpassive participation almost exclusively to The Well, although I've had some web presence there for most of the time since late 1995.

Then, last summer, I ventured out, and in short order accumulated a MySpace account (since canceled), a Google Group, and three Blogger blogs, including this one. Luckily, I quit adding new projects as soon as I began to feel overwhelmed, so the result turns out to be manageable, although it didn't feel like it for awhile.

Anyway, to get to the point, I've decided to attempt to maintain all four of these projects.

For this blog, since it's on the same topic as the group, I've turned off comments. I'll post ideas and news both here and in the group, and encourage anyone moved to reply to go to the group to do so, since the tools provided there better support discussion.

For the time being, you can view the Cultibotics Group using the new, improved, beta version of the Google Groups software via this link.