Saturday, February 27, 2016

encompassing a continuum of topicality

Until now, I've attempted to keep this blog focused on the application of robotics to horticulture and agriculture, but that has proven too restrictive.

Henceforth this blog will take in a broader range of topics, from pure ecology to agroecology to what I term 'cultibotics' to robotic technologies to social and economic implications of robotics. As you can see, 'cultibotics' is still the central focus of and primary reason for the existence of this blog, but I'll be venturing further afield.

Addendum – As with so many things, tidy conceptions quickly turn out to be less than complete. Other related topics I may address here include, but are not limited to the environmental, nutritional, and culinary implications of various approaches to automating land management, crop production (specifically including polyculture and permaculture), and the integration of livestock (specifically including poultry) and wildlife with crop production. I hope this broader scope proves interesting.

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